Should you eat before running?

ENDURANCE ENERGY: NUTRITION TIPS FOR RUNNING TRAINING. Ahead of this year’s Comrades Marathon, Deep Heat shares some nutrition tips for running training from Andrea du Plessis (Nutrition Expert). Should you, or should you not eat before running training? Find out what works best for you and stick to that! Did you know? If you run

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Are you getting enough recovery?

What are the different pillars for endurance sports to ensure better performance? RECOVERY: This is the most important component when it comes to designing a training programme for endurance sports. If you do not recover you cannot perform. The tissues of the body (muscle, tendons, fascia and bone) do not fail due to pain; they

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Deep Heat – Clinically Proven Pain Relief

Pain and Deep Heat Pain is an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience. Ranging from annoying to debilitating, it’s the one feeling we are all familiar with, yet we all try and avoid it. There are a variety of products offered to people experiencing pain and often it is difficult to make the right choice

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Deep Heat – Exercise for Mental Health

DEEP HEAT | Exercise for Mental Health Much has been proven around the benefits that exercise holds for one’s physical health – weight control, blood pressure and general cardio-vascular health to name but a few. But – the benefits of exercise on one’s mental health are as vast. It can lift one’s mood, improve

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Deep Heat – Improved Blood Flow = Improved Workout

DEEP HEAT | Improved blood flow = Improved workout. How Deep Heat helps The circulatory system is one of the most fascinating and intricate systems in our bodies, consisting of big organs such as the heart, a network of tubelike arteries, veins and tiny capillaries. Through this system, life giving blood (containing red and

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