Pain and Deep Heat

Pain is an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience. Ranging from annoying to debilitating, it’s the one feeling we are all familiar with, yet we all try and avoid it.

There are a variety of products offered to people experiencing pain and often it is difficult to make the right choice of product. It’s a 6 in 1 pain relief product which can be used for stiffness, aches, joint pain, sprains and strains.

There are multiple oral medications that can be taken to relieve pain symptoms, but often Neuromuscular pain can be treated without taking any medication orally.

Heat has been used for decades to decrease pain. Warmth brings comfort and relaxation, and this often leads to a decrease in pain experienced. Deep Heat is just this product that brings about heat to a painful area. Not only does it bring the above-mentioned effects of comfort and relaxation, but also increases the blood flow to the affected painful area, which increases the nutrient and oxygen delivery to the area and in turn causes pain elimination. Furthermore, since Deep Heat is applied directly to the area of pain, it penetrates the skin, and its effects can be felt immediately.

Deep Heat comes in different packaging forms that have been specifically designed for a range of varying needs.

  • Deep Heat Spray
  • Deep Heat Rub
  • Deep Heat Roll-On Lotion
  • Deep Heat Arnica Massage Oil
  • Deep Heat Arnica Massage Gel
  • Deep Heat Muscle Massage Cream Sachet
  • Deep Heat Warming Belt
  • A Range of Patches: Flexi Patch, Odourless, Period Pain

It is highly recommended that you consider this phenomenal range of products for your pain relief needs also for pre-exercise warm up and keep a product handy when you struggle with Neuromuscular pain.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts