DEEP HEAT | How to get your mind into workout mode

Ready- Set- Go!


Whether you are an Olympic champion or just someone trying to stay fit and healthy, you have more than likely experienced the up and down love-hate relationship that can accompany training and exercise.  Somedays, exercising is easy! You simply get up and go, loving every minute of it!  On other days, you have to drag yourself to the gym or track… and somedays, you just pack it in it all together as you simply can’t get your mind into work out mode.   

To help get your mind into work out mode, we have put together some useful tips below: 

  • Fuel your body: Drink sufficient water and eat enough healthy food to keep your energy levels up in order to be able to work out either early in the morning or after a long day at the office.
  • Get dressed: Don’t even start a monologue with yourself, just get up and put your workout clothes on.
  • Music/or not: If you are that kind of person, turn up the music and listen to your favourite up-beat track! If music doesn’t motivate you, try to get out into nature and hear the silence around you.
  • Smell the aroma of Deep Heat: Nothing beats the smell of Deep Heat cream to motivate you to want to work out. Apply some to your muscles to help warm them up, helping to get your mind exactly where you want and need it to be! 
  • Just start: Commit to at least 10 minutes or 1km. Chances are that once you reach that 10min/1km mark, you will ‘keep going’ and complete the workout. 
  • Move more during the day if you work out in the afternoon:  This will help to keep your blood flowing, giving you more energy for working out later in the day. 
  • Sleep well:  Whether you work out early morning or late afternoon, your mind needs rest. Make sure your sleep is adequate and peaceful.
  • Remind yourself of the WHY:  Have a goal or reason for training and remind yourself often of what it is.  This will help motivate you when the going gets tough.
  • Write down or follow a set programme:  That way your mind knows exactly what lies ahead for the day’s workout.

Get it done… the earlier the better, but better late than never. 

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts