Massage is a great treatment for sore muscles, stiffness, relaxation and stress relief. It improves overall wellbeing by increasing your lymphatic drainage and circulation. It also assists in transporting oxygen to the tissues.  However, we cannot always get to a massage therapist. So why not try self-massage with a touch of Deep Heat to treat tense muscles?

 Before you start

It is important to use a product that allows you to ‘slide’ over the muscles you wish to massage. Simply use a pea-sized amount of Deep Heat Rub, a few drops of Deep Heat Arnica Massage Oil or a small amount of Deep Heat Arnica Massage Gel to get you started on a specific muscle. Then add more Deep Heat in small amounts as needed. When heat therapy is combined with massage it eases tight muscles.

These tips from Russell Looms, Deep Heat’s sports scientist, will keep you going:

  • Apply the Deep Heat (rub, oil or gel) directly onto the muscle using the palm of your hand.
  • Follow the direction of the muscle, starting at the furthest point of the muscle.
  • Apply large sweeping movements along the full length of the muscle.
  • Apply gentle vibration movements by cupping your hands and tapping your muscles (keep your palm down and be careful not to slap).
  • Vary the pressure – start with light pressure and then move to deep pressure.
  • Gently shake the muscle.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts