DEEP HEAT | Improved blood flow = Improved workout.
How Deep Heat helps

The circulatory system is one of the most fascinating and intricate systems in our bodies, consisting of big organs such as the heart, a network of tubelike arteries, veins and tiny capillaries. Through this system, life giving blood (containing red and white blood cells as well as plasma and platelets) flows to our body parts and organs. Blood brings oxygen to an area and removes the carbon dioxide. This ensures survival.  Many nutrients are also transported in the blood to the rest of the body.

Vasodilation is the term used to describe expansion of the blood vessels. There are several factors that cause vasodilation including exercise, a rise in temperature and inflammation. 

Why vasodilation is important during exercise?

When we exercise, the muscles in our bodies work hard.  And, just like any human who works hard, the muscles need more nutrients when you are training.  More oxygen is needed and more carbon dioxide is produced, the latter requiring the rate of carbon dioxide removal to increase during exercise. 

To meet this higher demand, an increase in blood flow to the muscles is needed during exercise.  Because your heart rate and temperature increase when exercising, the blood vessels will dilate and more blood with nutrients and oxygen will reach the muscles. Further, more carbon dioxide will be carried away from the muscles due to a higher blood flow in the dilated blood vessels.

This is also why warming up the muscles are important, as cold muscles will not cause vasodilation.  A times, warm-ups can be limited due to factors such as time or space. It is then that warm-up gels and creams comes in handy.

Deep Heat is a great product, and one we all know!  Not only does it smell like exercise but, it also assists in heating up the area of the body to which it is applied. When applied to muscles before exercise and during the warm upstage, Deep Heat will help to bring on vasodilation – needed for optimum performance during exercise. Deep Heat also brings about a heating effect which in turn stimulates vasodilation and an increase in blood flow to a specific muscle. The advantage of using Deep Heat is that is can be applied directly to the area or muscle where heating and vasodilation is required, thus increasing the rate at which vasodilation occurs.

Vasodilation also happens when there is an inflammation causing injury. More nutrients and oxygen are needed at injured areas for recovery. Vasodilation is one of the ways in which the body reacts in order to increase blood flow, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to reach the injured site to facilitate its healing. 

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts