Warming up for exercise is a great way to prime your muscles for maximum effort. Get into the zone with Deep Heat and Keep Going.

Quick warm ups

Warming up can be a hassle when you’re pressed for time. Deep Heat can begin the warm up process after application, meaning you can hit the ground running.

Dynamic stretching

Thinking of stretching before exercise? Remember to use dynamic stretching to get your muscles going. Don’t hold each stretch for 20 seconds, rather stretch and release in short movements.

Warm joints

Joints take longer to warm up than muscles due to less blood flow to them. It is crucial to make sure that joints are warm enough before exercising.


Deep Heat Rub provides clinically proven pain relief for everyday aches and pains such as rheumatic stiffness and muscle soreness. Deep Heat uses heat therapy and contains Methyl Salicylate & Menthol.