Overcoming neck & joint pain

Neck and joint pain are common ailments that most of us have experienced to a greater or lesser degree. We have either woken up with a stiff and painful neck, or we have experienced joint pain after hard physical work or exercise. Due to its common occurrence, self-management and treatment is necessary to be able to continue one’s daily activities.

Some of the most common causes of neck and joint pain include poor sleeping habits and positions, stress and poor body posture. Treating the cause of the pain is critical to prevent the pain from re-occurring. However, as this may take some time, it is important to find some effective remedies to help ease one’s pain in the interim.

Over the counter pain relief medication is often the first treatment we consider. However, there are quite a few other highly effective treatments that can be considered.

The gentle stretching of a sore, stiff neck and gentle mobilisation of the affected joints may bring some relief. Applying ice (cryotherapy) to the affected area will also help to block pain and decrease the swelling of a painful swollen joint. Heat therapy (hot packs) will also help as it helps to relax the stiff muscles around the neck area, thereby bringing further relief to a stiff and painful neck.  Gentle massage of the neck area, or muscles surrounding the joint, will also bring relief and increased mobility. Rest is often a highly effective treatment for painful joints. Be sure to make use of the right pillow when sleeping, and improving one’s posture, as this will further help to relieve existing neck pain.

Topical creams can also be used and applied to the joint or neck muscles that are causing pain.  Deep Freeze products are highly effective as cold gels and sprays to block pain and decrease swelling. Deep Relief (with Ibuprofen) is also effective due to its cooling effect, with the Ibuprofen further helping to decrease inflammation and swelling in painful joints.

Deep Heat products will assist with the relaxation of stiff and sore muscles in the neck or surrounding the affected joint. Deep Heat Neck and Joint Patch is a product proving very effective when it comes to the treatment of neck and joint pain. Applied directly to the affected area, it sticks to the skin and can be left on for a few hours. The resulting increase in temperature to the applied area brings about relaxation of the muscles due to the increased blood flow and nutrient supply to the area.  Heat is, without a doubt, a great and effective way to relax sore and stiff muscles. Compact enough to keep handy, Deep Heat Neck and Joint Patch will assist in the immediate treatment of sore and stiff muscles and painful joints.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts