Warming up is an important part of exercise, training and competing as it prepares the body for what is to come.  Its goal – to increase the heart rate as well as blood supply to the muscles before exercise starts.  A correct warm up will decrease the chance of injury and lead to a more effective performance by the athlete.  It is important and should not be neglected. 

Often, finding the time or enough space for an effective warm up is a big factor when athletes train or compete. It is therefore helpful to have a ‘quick fix, do it yourself’ product readily available to  deliver the most important benefits one would ordinarily receive from an actual 5-minute warm up. Deep Heat cream is such a product and can be applied directly to the muscles, providing sufficient heat to the muscle to warm it up.

In this article, we discuss a few major sports and where to apply Deep Heat for a fast and effective warm up. Bear in mind that the activity for which the warm up is needed will determine where, how and when to apply Deep Heat.

Firstly, let’s discuss those sports where leg muscles are used.  The major muscle groups to warm up in one’s legs include quadriceps, hamstrings and calve (gastrocnemius) muscles. It is recommended to apply Deep Heat directly to the skin area where the muscle lies. It is also important to apply some Deep Heat to the lower back and hip areas as these muscles work to stabilise the body while the legs work.  Relevant sports include track athletics, running and trail running. Remember to massage Deep Heat into the particular muscle areas for the most effective heating.

In sports where arms are mostly used it is important to include the shoulder complex muscles, upper back and neck muscles. Proper application of Deep Heat might not be possible for an individual, so it often helps to have an assistant. Such sports include arm wrestling and gym work, namely bench pressing. 

Most sports require the use of both upper and lower limbs as well as core muscles.  As an example, let’s look at a swimmer. The most utilised leg muscles will be the quadriceps and hamstrings and it is recommended to apply generous amounts of Deep Heat to these muscle groups.  The shoulder complex muscles which includes the deltoid, biceps, pectoralis, upper trapezius and rhomboid muscles, may be tricky to individually apply Deep Heat to. It is therefore recommended to apply a generous amount to the whole shoulder, upper chest and upper back area. The upper and forearm can also be included in this application in order to ensure all the necessary muscles will be warmed. As previously mentioned, the core muscles will also work during these activities, so mid and lower back and gluteal muscles will also benefit from Deep Heat Rub.

Deep Heat not only heats the area, it also promotes increased blood supply to the area leading to better muscle performance. The scent of Deep Heat also helps with relaxation. 

Together with your Deep Heat Rub application, it is recommended to do a little cardiovascular warm up just to get the heart rate up and the body ready to perform. Keep a tube of Deep Heat Rub handy for your next 5-minute warm-up. It really does the job!

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts